I created this project after forgetting my character sheets about a bajillion times for scattered games that I have at friends’ places. What they would have, however, is an internet connection. And since I’d be lugging my laptop around with my anyways, I could just use this site to upload, store, and edit my character sheet.

It’s a very primitive PHP project, with absolutely zero design sensibility, but damn if I don’t use it to this day.

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This is a quick website that I whipped up to mostly pull images from a folder and slap them on a site with a lightbox. The story behind it is that a couple friends and I broke into an abandoned psychiatric hospital and took pictures all around and reveled in the general abandonment of the place.


A portfolio site that I created for a friend. Now that I was very familiar with wordpress, I felt confident being able to churn out websites for clients, and as such, my design sensibilities are able to grow.

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This is the first major web development position I landed. I was taken on as a developer, became lead developer two weeks later, and took charge of rebuilding the website. I was given a design for the website, and was charged with turning it into something beautiful and elegant.

I’ll let the results speak for me.


My first successful hackathon project, Sheltr++. I was one of the developers on the team. We came in and took charge of a project that was aimed towards helping people empower others, giving awareness of homeless shelters to those who need it, and food and medical aid when necessary.

It was an enormous project and is still being worked on to this day, if my knowledge servers correct. It was made in node.js, which was my first undertaking of anything so huge. It was a success.


This was a numerical methods toolbox that I had developed during grad school in Matlab. I started converting all of the code to Python so I could get some experience with the language and become more familiar with it.

The results were fun, and surprisingly pretty. And it didn’t hurt that I became quite familiar with python by the end of it. And I also learned how to use Github properly working on this project. Someday, perhaps, I will convert them all to an online based format.


Along with my first attempt to build a website was my first attempt to build a blog.

It was a minimalist design. So minimalist that I mostly took things out, and left what was there was a base design. Nothing fancy or elegant, but it was my first foray into wordpress and blog theming in general.

CSSCSS TransformsHTMLJavascriptJqueryResponsive Design

This is my old website, my first attempt at building anything and to break into web development in general. It was a great way to show off my ability to use transforms and transitions, but overall fell flat on design, and poor scalability (I had to manually post blog entries. Bleh.)

But, it was a start.