So on 11/10/2013, we decided to explore King’s Park Psychiatric Hospital in Long Island, New York.

And by explore I mean crawl under the fence, underneath a half broken, rusty, metal grating over a shattered window

We being Adam Hollock (that’s me =D), Kyle Stover, and Emily Vaughan.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what a post-apocalyptic landscape would look like, this is a fantastic opportunity. It’s not too hard to get into, and is fairly stable (at least on the first floor where we spent the majority of our time.) I recommend a tetanus shot and some sort of defense, if at least for self-assurance (though I’d avoid firearms if you have an itchy trigger finger.)

We got in on the first floor, and slowly made a sweep around. I was easily the most cowardly of the group, though I may have just been the most vocal about it, taking slow steps and stopping every few seconds to listen for noises. At one point there was a broken desk with nylon scraping across it. What a heart attack.

After making a full sweep on the first floor, we found a stairwell, and seemed prepared to go to the next, but at that time, a couple of bros came barreling down the stairwell and scared us quite half to death. At that point, we were a bit unnerved, even knowing that there were no-one but other explorers in the asylum. Turns out they were stuck because they had assholes for friends who blocked them in through a door, so we shimmied back outside and made sure they got out.

After this, we ventured across to another building which looked like it was more of a warehouse, and had airsoft graffiti all over the place, leading us to believe that it’s used for tournaments or death matches.

Long story short, being on the roof of a large warehouse right outside an enormous abandoned psychiatric hospital was easily the most thrilling, scariest, relieving, humiliating, passionate, and beautiful moments of my life.

Below are a jumble of pictures taken between Emily, Kyle, and I. They are in no particular order.